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Things to bring


Things to bring:

- Sunscreen

- Sunglasses

- Hat (please incl. Stampede String)/ baseball cap (helmet, if under 18)

- Boots for riding (at least ankle high, with heels, preferably no lace-up shoes, NO sneakers for riding)

- Comfortable pants with long legs (preferably riding jeans)

- Long sleeve shirts, airy cloth and light color and a light jacket

- Chinks/chaps (if you have some, for protection against cactuses)

- Insect repellent

- Bikini/Bathing Suit/Swimming Trunks (Hot Tub)

- Plug-in adaptor for electronic devices (remember: The voltage in the USA is 110V)

- Electronic device to use our W-LAN (laptop, smartphone, etc.)

- Hairdryer (suitable for 110V)

- Slippers with shoe soles

What you could bring along:

- Gloves

- Your own riding helmet (we provide helmets also)

Things to consider:

Please check out the recommendations/requirements for riders here (beneath the second picture in bold). The general weight limit for riders is 210 lbs (please contact us for details).

Generally you should consider, that the ranch is located in 4500 feet elevation and if you suffer from dry mucosa of any kind, you should bring/get products to take care of that.

For a general overview about temperatures, etc. please take a look at the very bottom of: Things to do

Please keep in mind, that there is no possibility to buy boots or hats out here. Please contact us in advance, if you want to buy something like that and please consider your arrival time concerning the opening hours of stores in Albuquerque (see the very bottom of page: Things to do)

Travel Checklist:

- Tourist visa (if you are not a US-Citizen, you have to have it. Apply online:

- Check your passport (if you are not a US-Citizen, there are some specifications, it has to have)

- Travel health insurance, that is valid for USA

- Be up to date on your tetanus shots (injuries can occur anytime anywhere)

- Check the current regulations for your baggage with your airline

- If you drive out here on your own, use our directions or Google Maps

  No GPS will find our address and most cellphones won't have service out here.