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Horses, Dogs, Cats, 4-legged friends

Here we feature all our horses, dogs and cats at the Ranch


Fly is a small, cutting-bred, bay mare. She is agile, fast, but gentle. At a demo she showed us, that she is a fully trained roping-pro and a good ranch horse.

Newt is a black Quarter gelding. He has a fast trot and is a good ranch horse. Skiddish from the ground, but very good to ride.

Angelena is a beautifully painted indianpony in bay-white with black-white mane and tail. She is green broke, very good at groundwork and needs lots of wet saddle blankets now. She can move pretty fast.

Paloma is our baby on the ranch. She is a black Paint and we are doing ground work with her to get her started. Paloma is very cuddly, laid back, gives kisses and checks everyone’s pockets.

Champ is a solid sorrel Paint gelding and has therefor never been registered in the APHA. He is a very fast roping horse and sensible to ride. In spite of his height, he has a nice, rocking-chair trot.

Kip, a bay, is super friendly and cool. He is a trained ranch horse and even the trouble in the roping arena does not unsettle him.

Whiskey is a stout red dun and a very relaxed family horse. He never takes something amiss and does what is asked of him.

Harry is a black gelding. He has a great character and is safe on the trails. He also knows a little bit of roping

Pee Wee, our littlest, is a gentle, quiet bay gelding. He participated in team ropings as a heeler-horse and in youth-rodeos. In spite of his small height, he has a quite ground-covering gallop.

Dolly is a sorrel Paint. We bought her from a neighor, who really loved her. He took her to hunts, where she had to climb in the mountains, also by night. Dolly knows ground work and is a goer under the saddle

Dusty is a dun gelding. He is an experienced roping horse, that is easy to handle and gentle. Allyn, our ferrier, was the first to ride him and he had fun with Dusty.

Snickers is a small, thin chestnut-gelding. He is gentle and sensitive to ride, knows neck-reining and is eager to please.

Manny is a big fly bitten gray paint, who is a little skiddish from the ground, but very safe on the trail rides.

King, a buckskin gelding, is a trained ranch horse. He is very friendly and always comes to check out, what's going on. He is gentle and sure-footed outside.

Manny is a big fly bitten gray paint, who is a little skiddish from the ground, but very safe on the trail rides.

King, a buckskin gelding, is a trained ranch horse. He is very friendly and always comes to check out, what's going on. He is gentle and sure-footed outside.

Caballo is a buckskin. He is easy to ride and very gentle.

Buddy is our only grey gelding. He is super gentle, well trained and always attentive

Butch is a sorrel gelding. He is very gentle and does everything you ask of him.

Walter is a beautiful palomino gelding. He is gentle, good on trail rides and knows a bit of ranch work.

Ace, our bay paint, is super gentle. He is trained ranch horse and safe on the trails.

Cloud, aka Hippie, is a very light palomino, not a cremello, because he has black skin. He is tall and stout and has very nice gaits. Cloud is gentle to ride and a pet in the corral

Payday is a sorrel gelding. He is fast, but gentle and easy. He is the tallest of our troop.

Johnny, we bought him from neighbors. He is a palomino gelding, who is a trained roping horse and has been used as a ranch horse. He is gentle and friendly.

Hank the Tank is a bay gelding. He had been used as a trailhorse and has nice gaits. He is gentle and eagerly learning.

Ricky is a blue roan (sadly not in the winter) and has been a flag horse at rodeos. He is nice to ride and fearless, but still a little fast in the arena. Outside he is safe and calm.

Win It is a palomino and likes to be petted and always the first to greet you at the gate. He is a trained roping gelding and quite fast, but gentle.

Blaze is a dun with a lantern. He is a trained roping horse and really gentle on the trails. He also is one, who wants to be petted from everyone.

Cooter is a bay gelding. He is very laid back and gentle. Everyone can ride him and he is used to trail rides in rough terrain.

Mr. Ed is a light palomino gelding. He also is gentle, has a good handle and is a big people lover. His second name is Mr. Ed, because he reminds us of the TV series ;-)

Gus is a bay roan, who changes color. He has been used for guest rides all his life and is a good babysitter.

Lorie is a palomino mare. She knows roping and is very safe for beginners on trail rides.

Robin, our little bay mare, wants to please and is always paying attention.

Stitch is a gray overo and will probably get whiter over time. He is still very young, but is even temperamented.


Shelby is a Red-Heeler-Mix. We found her through a newspaper-ad. She showed up at a couple's doorstep and they searched the owner on this way. The owner did not answer for 2 weeks (and not until now). So we were lucky ;-) We got her on April, 3rd 2012.

Luna is a Blue-Heeler/Border-Collie-Mix and we picked her up at a dog shelter on April, 12th. You can easily note the Border Collie in her, she runs by her own choice beside the heel and shows herding behavior. She is a little lazy, so whenever there is a motorized thing involved, she likes to ride with you.

Ticks adopted us on August, 8th 2012. One morning he just showed up, totally neglected and underfed. Too weak to walk properly and full of ticks (hence the name). By now he has beautiful fur again and recovers well with us. He just loves water.

All three are straydogs and we could only guess their age. So we picked nice birthdays:-) Shelby: December 6th, 2011 (St. Nicholas), Luna: October 31st, 2011 (Helloween) and Ticks: April 8th, 2012 (April Fool).

The three accompany us wherever we go and have grown really dear to us! Everybody, who gets to know them, must love them, even strong men become weak ;-) And if you think the 4-wheeler is for people - you're wrong!


Lucky, Fluffy and Garfield are with us since 2016 and moved in just fine. They became good buddies with the dogs and chicken and always love to be petted.



Since beginning of June 2013 we have three chicken. They are still too young to lay eggs, but we look forward to get fresh eggs in a few weeks.

Our three dark chickens grew up and we got five white ones additonally in October 2013. They lay around 4-6 eggs daily. No worries about eggs for our breakfast ;-)


Wait and see what other treasures will soon wreak havoc on our ranch.


Aunt Marge perfectly baby-sited the young ones, therefore she inherited the name “Aunt Marge”. The black mare was tall, stout, absolutely gentle and safe and loved to be petted. We had to put Marge down on the 10. September 2012 (colic/ruptured intestine) - she was one of a kind and we will never forget her.

Penny was with us since May, 30st 2013. She was only about one month old and her mother did not have enough milk, so we took her in to raise her by bottle. Sophia was her Godmother and took really good care of Penny.  It is so sad, Penny died July 21st, 2013 in the early morning. We still miss her very much.

Poncho was our white lap dog, if he could, he would have jumped on everyone's arm. He was gentle, but not slow and easy to handle. Because he had a pink skin, he tended to get sunburned. So, sadly he had to wear a flymask. Poncho died October 3rd, 2013. He is still with us in our thoughts.

Bandit is a small, thick fleabitten gray. We bought him as a trail horse at an auction. He is sure-footed and fearless outside. Sadly, we had to sell him, because he was not as easy to ride as we hoped. But we found a nice new home for him.

Ohio, our bay roan, is in spite of his young age already very cool and fearless. At the auction the rider showed him cracking a whip and swinging a rope, while standing on him. All of this won't impress Ohio. Outside he is sure-footed and easy going. Well, it seems, that he was sedated for the auction and turned out to be a handfull. But we found a Cowboy and horse-trainer who immediately fell in love with him.

Pete, we adopted him July 17th, 2013. His mother had an inflamed tit and could not give enough milk. We raised him with the bottle. We sold him on February 26th, 2014 together with the other steers.

Amigo, our grandpa, was a reliable ranch horse. He was gentle and safe on the trails. Sadly, in summer 2015 we had to put him down, because he had severe problems with cancer. We miss our always friendly Amigo so much.

Badger is a sorrel gelding, who is sensible to ride and safe on the trails. In December 2015 he died due to a liver desease. He is dearly missed by all of us, as a quiet, safe and go-to horse.

Elliott is a black gelding. He loves people and most of all cookies. On trailrides he is very cool and he never looses his good temper. You simply have to take him into your heart. On June 27th 2016, we had to put him down and out of misery after colicking very hard. He will always be in our hearts, as the funny, people-loving horse that he was.

Sancho came from an auction. He is a buckskin, who is very calm and kid friendly. On December 20th, 2016 Sancho died of poisoning. We will miss the friendly, beautiful Sancho dearly.

Jed is a sorrel and very nicely trained. He is gentle, but not yet a beginners horse. Before he came to us, he was used as a guest horse and is absolutely cool.

Tex is a dun. He is a little shy on the ground, but in the saddle he is very gentle, an all-terrain-horse and a great family horse.

We had to sell both of them on March 10th, 2017, because they turned out not to be safe in the guest horses string.

Zane - our gentle, gray gelding giant, who was very gentle and took such good care of his riders! He loved people and was always up for a cuddle. We had to put him down on August 13th 2018 due to a severe colic at the Clovis Veterinary Clinic. We miss him so much!

Jamie - our handsome and gentle red dun. He had a bad accident in the fence and broke his left front leg in the process. We had to put him down on January 22nd 2019 to put him out of his misery. We will never forget him!